A large and growing percentage of potential deposit customers are denied accounts because of negative reports on ChexSystems®. Our innovative StartFresh Banking® service allows financial institutions to serve these unbanked and underbanked customers in a way that meets the needs of the market and is safe and profitable for the institution.

Benefits for Your Customers

StartFresh Banking allows your customers to:

  • Avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of not qualifying for a deposit account
  • Rebuild their financial reputation and enjoy the convenience and status of having a deposit account
  • Feel empowered and more "in control" of their finances
  • Get direct deposit for payroll checks
  • Avoid costly check cashing fees
  • Eventually qualify for more traditional accounts

Benefits for Your Institution

StartFresh Banking allows your institution to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Establish longer-lasting and more loyal customers
  • Grow deposits and checking accounts
  • Expand cross-sell opportunities
  • Enhance fee income
  • Open accounts more efficiently
  • Solve a prevalent financial challenge

StartFresh Banking: A second chance at first class banking!


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